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Limit the Arc Flash\Blast Risk in Your Workplace

SafeARC prevents the potential for horrific burn injuries, and/or death, and equipment destruction from the occurance of an Electrical Arc Flash\Blast by reducing the Consequence of the event by significantly limiting the Incident Energy avaliable.

Embedded in Workplace Health and Safety acts, codes of practice and standards is a requirement to implement risk management systems.  The core principle of which is to eliminate and/or control the hazard using the hierarchy of controls.


PPE should be only used where there are no other reasonable means of control.  


The proven most effective means to reduce the severity of an arc flash\blast event is to reduce the energy level and remove it as quickly as possible. The patented Australian designed and constructed SafeARC™ arc flash mitigation system achieves both of these measures by limiting fault current, reducing the incident energy to below 1.2 calories\cm2 and interrupting the fault within 4-5ms.

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