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  1. System uniquely protects at the source of the energy.
    = Protects People from horrific injuries and Assets from catastrophic damage.

  2. Protects personnel from severe burns by reducing the arc flash/blast incident energy.
    = Safer Work Environment.

  3. Low capital cost compared to MCC replacement.
    = Efficient  use of scarce capital.

  4. Can be retrofitted to most installations within 24 hours.
    = Low or no loss production capacity.

  5. If there is an arc flash event, you will be up and running again within hours, not days or months.
    = No Loss Time Injuries or Equipment Damage.

  6. Enables personnel to perform fault finding and switching operations with 4cal\cm2 arc rated PPE.
    = No Blast Suits required.

  7. Effectiveness of protection unaffected by proposed changes in IEEE 1584 - 2018;
    = Elimination of the problem now and into the future.


The SafeARC™ Arc Flash Mitigation System has been in full commercial production since the beginning of 2012.  It was conceived in 2009, refined and there are now over 34 systems in operation with capacities from 500kVA to 3000kVA.



The SafeARC™ arc flash mitigation system has been engineered using well known concepts, built using the latest 3D softwares and modelled in the PTW power system analysis software conforming to IEEE1584 and NFPA70E.

Rigorous testing was also performed by the TUV,  NATA certified test center located in Melbourne Victoria Australia. The Unit has been type tested to IEC standards to validate the claimed performance.  Independent reports are available for customer verification.



The solution is a simple but elegant engineered, passive, fault current limiting parallel high speed fuse assembly installed on the secondary (415/480/690V) side of the supply transformer. 

The assembly carries nominal load currents up to 4000A, but responds extremely quickly to fault currents, thereby interrupting the fault within half cycle typically between 4-10msec.

Active protection at low faults can also be achived by installing the Eaton Electric, ARCON™ Optical Detection System.

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